Southwest Partnership

Vibrant and Walkable Streets Meeting

April 26 2017 7pm


Kelleigh Eastman

Dan Rodenburg

Edith Gilliard Canty

Beverly Jacobs

Elizabeth Weber


State Grant Program

There is an upcoming neighborhood revitalization state grant program that the Southwest Partnership is eligible for. The Committee discussed projects that fall under the Committee that they would like the SWP to apply for.

These include:

  • Lighting under the Carey Street Bridge
  • Lighting around Hollins Market
  • Clean up crew on W Baltimore St, street sweeper
  • Touching up murals
  • Anti-littering marketing campaign
  • Carroll Park Rec Center? (might be better for next year)

The Committee also reviewed previously submitted projects that would fall under the Committee, and decided that they were not interested in applying for music events in Hollins Market.



CHAP: one of the buildings on the 1100 block W Baltimore St is potentially being restored to a realtor office.

CHAP: 1000 block of W Baltimore St has had facade improvements

Bar/liquor store on W Lombard St has made changes that aren’t in the CHAP approval and will be brought before the CHAP commission. May 9th 3pm at the CHAP Office


Edith: SAFE Center kids are building cars and doing go kart racing on the east side want to get folks out to cheer for the kids from Franklin Square. The event is on May 27th and Elizabeth will send out more information.


Franklin Square movie night June 2nd, starting at 8pm and maybe a play day in the park June 10th


4/28 Union Square Chamber Music Society 100 S Stricker (Turnbull Mansion), guitar and piano. Donation requested to go to the musicians, 7:30pm.


4pm Steuart Hill basketball game Friday 4/27.