Southwest Partnership

Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Baltimore Charter School 7pm



Welcome and Introductions

Updates from Organizations we are working with

  • Merchant Access Program
  • Pigtown Mainstreet
  • Southwest Partnership Staff & Other Committees (Michael Seipp)


Progress and Updates towards Goals:

Key Anchor Building Acquisitions and development

o   Closing on 1518


Funding Opportunities Discussions:

  • Commercial committee to come up with proposal suggestions

LDC (Casino) planning (new benefits district)

  • 2017: $1.1 Million Budget:Summer Programs, Trash Wheel, Middle Branch Parks, Reinvent MLK
  • 2018: $7 Million Budget: community grants, enhanced services, transformational projects
    • April 30th is end of first proposal submission cycle


Public Safety Discussion

Other Topics

Announcements and any new Business.