Southwest Partnership

Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee

April 28 2016

1138 Hollins St 2nd Floor



Bif Browning

Luis Cardona

Beverly Jacobs

Chris Redwood

Elizabeth Weber


Project Updates


Carey St Underpass: Chris is trying to schedule a meeting with the Department of Transportation and the B&O to discuss the project. Right now it looks like the best date will be May 11th or 18th. He will ask Dave from the B&O to invite a representative from the engineering firm which is working on the project.


Southwest Baltimore Charter School Raingarden

An agreement has been signed with Bill Pickens, who had previously been working with the school on other projects, to install the rain gardens.


Bicycle Boulevards

There will be an event on May 10th at 6pm at Franklin Square Park to kick of the bike share program. Luis met with Caitlin Doolin–there is a lot more activity related to bike infrastructure in Baltimore currently than there was in the past. She will be asking for a letter of support from the neighborhoods for a study to make Arlington St a bike corridor–which would connect the Washington Blvd, Hollins Market, and W Baltimore St business districts.


Chris: DOT has been encouraged to apply for a grant to do a substantial overhaul of the MLK side path. They will need a $75,000 match. Chris has contacted the BioPark but hasn’t received a response–we will need more information about the project to help them look for funding. There may be debates within the community about the project if they don’t plan on replacing and maintaining the bricks which are challenging and expensive to maintain.



The owner of the firehouse is still open to having a flag on the flag pole, but the Committee needs to figure out the design. At the next meeting there will be a discussion and a decision about the flag.


Recycling Bins on Carey St

Elizabeth will write up a project plan. Bif suggested writing a letter to Mark Cameron and the stormwater advisory board asking for support for the project. Elizabeth will send one by early next week.


Peace Sculpture

Lucy Steinitz suggested installing a peace sculpture as a way of inspiring hope. Bif has been talking to the Salvation Army about the site in front of their building on W Baltimore St, as well as the city. He forwarded the questions that the city has about the project to Elizabeth, who will respond.


Franklin Square and Pigtown Tree Plantings

Chris has been talking to the neighborhood associations about scheduling spring tree plantings. He hasn’t heard back yet from Franklin Square, but Citizens of Pigtown are interested. He needs to coordinate with Parks and People to figure out what they have planned in Pigtown.


Other Projects

LDC money will be repaving Washington Blvd. JR Lee is concerned about the lack of repaving on W. Baltimore St.


Luis suggested that a possible project for the Committee be advocating for the installation of 4-way stop signs where they are needed. The Committee discussed various ways of collecting information about where the stop signs could go, including brainstorming a list, asking the neighborhood associations, and looking at accident data. Luis will take on the project.


As the Committee is focused on Carey St, Beverly was asked if there were any projects that Franklin Square would like to work on along the street. Beverly knows that they would like one of the signs in the square itself to be more prominent, but she will check with Ms Edith.



The Bon Secours Clean and Green Team worked with the Committee and Poppleton Now! To pick up and mow a lot at 1108-1106 W Baltimore St. They will be maintaining other lots in the area.


There will be a work day Saturday the 30th for the Lots of Art lots.