Southwest Partnership
Public Safety Committee
April 27, 2016
Draft Minutes of Meeting
Attendance: Amy Axel, Louis Woolard, Jill Rachbeisel, Rob LaPin, Thomas Hams, Michael Seipp, Bif
Browning, Dan Morrison, Bill Marker, JR.
Meeting started at 7:10 PM at 11138 Hollins Street.
Discussion centered on the concept of community watch and the development of a network of cameras
that would monitor street activity in the communities of Southwest Partnership.
It was agreed that SWP would amend its current application for gating of alleys and footways to include
camera purchases and installation. Michael Seipp was given the responsibility of updating our
applications for funds.
Interim Chair Rob LaPin is responsible for organizing a meeting with the District Commanders to further
our efforts in reducing street crime.
Rob was also given the task of organizing a tour of community watch so that when we receive the finds
to purchase and install cameras they will connect with the Police Departments system.
Bill Marker reminded the Committee of their responsibility to include all seven neighborhoods when
developing plans.
Dre. Jill Rachbeisel brought a proposal from Black Diamond Project to provide services to alleviate the
negative issues associated with the Methadone Program and to assist in developing a proactive
community response to criminal activity. The decision was made for Jill to contact Black Diamond and
ask them to attend the next meeting of the Public Safety Committee.
Michael presented a list of public safety concerns that had been collected from other meetings and
subsequently presented to the Commissioner of Police, Kevin Davis. This is a synopsis of that list.
 Extend the Southern District northern boundary from W Baltimore Street to Route Forty. The
criminal element is well aware of this dividing line and use it to their benefit. Rt 40 is a major
physical dividing line. It is a better demarcation line than W Baltimore Street. IN addition, the
communities of Franklin Square and Poppleton relate with the neighborhoods to the south more
so than the neighborhoods to the north.
 Establish an active physical Police Post in a storefront on W. Baltimore Street. The property
owners along W Baltimore Street are willing to donate a storefront to make this happen. The
Southwest Partnership will assist in finding furniture and accessories for the Officers working
this area.
 Establish a foot patrol on W Baltimore Street that extends from Schroeder to Fulton.
 Work with the University of Maryland Baltimore to rewrite the agreement between the City and
the University to permit their police officers to patrol the W Baltimore Street area. Their current
position is that their agreement does allow them to patrol west beyond Poppleton Street.

 Assist the community in expediting the process for allowing blocks to gate their alleys and
footways. The current City process is vastly cumbersome and time consuming. The rational for
the length of time is often blamed on the Police and Fire Departments’ opposition to gating the
alleys and footways.
 Assign a grant writer from the Department to work with the Southwest Partnership to write
grant requests to the Federal COPS program to pay for foot patrolmen assigned to the
Southwest neighborhoods listed above.
 Assign undercover officers to work in the vicinity of Carey and Hollins where the community
believes the commercial property on the southwest corner is being used as a drug transfer spot.
Other hotspots are the 1200 block of W Baltimore Street and Pratt and Calhoun intersection.
 Work with the community to identify liquor license establishment that may be participating in
the drug trade and work with the SWP to develop presentations to the Liquor Board to penalize
those establishments that are supporting the drug dealing.
The next Committee meeting is scheduled for May 25 th at 1138 Hollins Street, 7PM start time.
Submitted by Michael Seipp on May 1, 2016