Donnell Nance

Elizabeth Weber

Howard Hughes

Melvin Jadalung

Laura Dykes

Thomas Hams

Edith Gilliard Canty

Roger Wood

Mark Weber

David McGill

Diana Geis

Bill Marker

Karla Allen

Dotie Page

Richard Parker

Scott Kashnow

Howard encouraged everyone to visit the B&O Farmer’s Market every Thursday


Outstanding 311 Issues to City

Had invited a staff member from Councilman Bullock’s office, unable to attend. Please share any outstanding 311 issues, with CSR number, to Elizabeth and Donnell and we will share them to the council people’s offices and we will try to get someone out to the next meeting.


American Rescue Plan 

The City has funding through the American Rescue Plan, some of which will be available to community organizations. We are not sure of the application process yet, but the requirements for City agency projects are ones that address either the direct or indirect impacts of the pandemic and are more than $250,000.


The Committee suggested possible projects:

Laura suggested– pedestrian lighting, sculpture garden, B&O Park, sidewalks

Donnell–suggested pedestrian lighting on Carey St and Franklin Square Park

Option could be streetscaping for W. Baltimore St

Howard suggested grants for the improvement of exteriors of houses


Email Elizabeth with additional projects


SubCommittee Updates

Bike Subcommittee: bike subcommittee meet up next week, look forward to inviting Mike Hendrickson back later this year to share more information with the Committee. 

Meghan is organizing a bike ride July 10th–will be designed for all levels.


Signs: Received an update from the City that they are no longer maintaining the blue and green historic building wayfinding signs. What would the Committee like to do with the signs? Committee has offered to take them out–we could also keep them and maintain them ourselves. There is also a question about whether the signs would need to be the same or if they could all be branded for the various organizations directed to.

Donnell–likes refreshing the signs and taking the opportunity to allow the orgs to design them.

Thomas and JR could take a look at the metal signs to see if they could restore them.


The Committee voted to refresh the signs–Diana will move forward with exploring options.


Public Art: Survey for the murals is live–please check out the SWP’s social media. Working on an artist directory and considering applying to be an arts and entertainment district. Elizabeth will check with Rodney on sending out the survey in the newsletter. 


Jack: students shared their work at the last charrette–helpful to realize that there were different personalities for each block. Safety also came up as an issue. 


Scott: no update

Doties: no update


Ms Edith: still waiting to hear back from Rec and Parks on pricing for the renovation of the Comfort Station.



Final charrette for streetscaping on W Baltimore St this Saturday from 11-1

Rec and Parks meeting at Carroll Park July 8 6pm

July 3rd Family Movie Night across from Hollins Market

Concert in Union Square Park Sunday


Vibrant Streets Committee will not meet in July