NOTE: These are draft minutes that have yet to be formally reviewed and approved by the Committee. Once the Committee meets again and reviews these minutes, this page will be updated.




Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

November 14, 2019




Attendees:  Dorothy Paige, Suzanne Welch, Shannon Darrow, Diana Geis, Owen Bement, Dan Rodenberg, Christina Engerman, Nancy McCormick, Leila, Heather Kangas, Sonia Eaddy, Paulette Carroll


Introductions – What could SWP do better?

  • More events for the outside to see us as a group
  • Improved communication between members
  • More equity in living conditions, figure out how to support each other
  • Improved communication between presidents
  • Talk more to the outside, the inside hears it too


Review of October Minutes

  • Nancy makes motion to approve, and Dan seconds



Other resources:

  • UMB ROAR – The Rebuild, Overcome, and Rise (ROAR) Center aims to co-create with survivors a community in which people who experience crime or systemic injustice are empowered to achieve their own sense of justice, healing and well-being. Contact: 410-706-2781
  • Tenant/Landlord Issues: Owen Bement at Civil Justice Network, 410-706-0177



  • Heather Kangas presented herself as candidate for housing committee chair
  • No other candidates were nominated or presented
  • Results: 7 in favor 1 against – Heather is new committee chair for 2020


Motion: Dottie Page made a motion for there to be No housing meeting in December to allow Diana & Heather to transfer knowledge; Seconded by Sonia 

Next meeting will be January 9th


Old Business

  • La Cite – Discussion on potential for requesting parcels for other developers (including HUD)
  • Townes at the Terrace – Letter Update
    • Sent letter out to Janet Abrahams, Edgewood Management, and HCD last week
  • Poe Homes Planning – Neighborhood Task Force Funding Update
  • Receivership – No updates
  • Tax sale 
    • How do we make this more accessible for potential homeowners? Get 203k Loan specialist to meet with neighborhoods? 
    • How do we make simpler for homeowners? 

New Business – N/A