Housing Committee

Southwest Partnership

November 14, 2019




Attendees:  Dorothy Paige, Suzanne Welch, Shannon Darrow, Diana Geis, Owen Bement, Dan Rodenberg, Christina Engerman, Nancy McCormick, Leila, Heather Kangas, Sonia Eaddy, Paulette Carroll


Introductions – What could SWP do better?

  • More events for the outside to see us as a group
  • Improved communication between members
  • More equity in living conditions, figure out how to support each other
  • Improved communication between presidents
  • Talk more to the outside, the inside hears it too


Review of October Minutes

  • Nancy makes motion to approve, and Dan seconds



Other resources:

  • UMB ROAR – The Rebuild, Overcome, and Rise (ROAR) Center aims to co-create with survivors a community in which people who experience crime or systemic injustice are empowered to achieve their own sense of justice, healing and well-being. Contact: 410-706-2781
  • Tenant/Landlord Issues: Owen Bement at Civil Justice Network obement@civiljusticenetwork.org, 410-706-0177



  • Heather Kangas presented herself as candidate for housing committee chair
  • No other candidates were nominated or presented
  • Results: 7 in favor 1 against – Heather is new committee chair for 2020


Motion: Dottie Page made a motion for there to be No housing meeting in December to allow Diana & Heather to transfer knowledge; Seconded by Sonia 

Next meeting will be January 9th


Old Business

  • La Cite – Discussion on potential for requesting parcels for other developers (including HUD)
  • Townes at the Terrace – Letter Update
    • Sent letter out to Janet Abrahams, Edgewood Management, and HCD last week
  • Poe Homes Planning – Neighborhood Task Force Funding Update
  • Receivership – No updates
  • Tax sale 
    • How do we make this more accessible for potential homeowners? Get 203k Loan specialist to meet with neighborhoods? 
    • How do we make simpler for homeowners? 

New Business – N/A