Richard Parker

Lou Packett

Elizabeth Weber

Khandra Sears

Census 2020

Hiring is large

SWP has a grant to do outreach

August 28th 2019 is the next SWP Census Meeting

Austin.Davis@baltimorecity.gov; Austin Davis 

Rachel Goodrich the Career Navigator can also connect to Census hiring efforts

Goal would be to push out Census hiring information to as many people as possible throughout the community.


OWIF Grant Update

Funding was received through the Department of Labor for funding for Southwest Works and to hire a Peer Recovery Specialist who will work with community members in the area who have been impacted by the opioid crisis. The program has just started, but Ms Allen will be able to do outreach to the community. 


Community Resource Fair Update

Richard has spoken to Mount Clare Junction who like the idea of having a resource fair there, they have an internal management group who will be making the decision next week. 

Committee discussed possible locations in the Shopping Center, and then we will confirm the legal services and the date.