The Southwest Partnership staff work with the neighborhood associations, Southwest Partnership Committees, and anchor institutions to implement the Vision Plan. The staff can be reached at or by phone at 667-210-2105.

Anthony “Tony” Scott, Executive Director

Tony joined the SWP in 2018 and currently resides in Union Square, the same neighborhood he lived in as a kid.  He earned his Bachelor’s in Government at Georgetown University, and then his Master’s in Public Administration at Columbia University in New York. He spent four years working in Washington, DC for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), before turning toward local community development working for the City of Baltimore in Finance and, most recently, the Mayor’s Office.  His childhood memories in Southwest Baltimore and passion for inclusive community-led development guide his implementation of SWP’s Vision Plan, helping to bridge and guide seven neighborhoods, six anchor institutions, and seven program committees.

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[VACANT – Apply Here], Physical and Economic Development Director

The Southwest Partnership (SWP) is hiring a Physical Development Project Manager. This position reports to the Executive Director on a daily basis and is responsible for administratively supporting at least three Committees of the Board of Directors. The membership of these Committees consists of volunteers from the member organizations. The Committees are responsible for developing action plans for SWP in their specific area of interest, measuring success, communicating with the larger community and working with the staff member assigned to the Committee. The Staff member is responsible for assisting the Chair of the Committee in the organization of materials and information, providing advice and counsel to the Committee members, implementing Committee projects as identified by the Committee, and working with other staff and the Board to identify, raise, and manage resources to implement Committee projects and activities.

Elizabeth Weber, Program Director

Elizabeth has worked for the Southwest Partnership since 2015.  A graduate of the UMB School of Social Work, with a concentration in community organizing, she has experience building relationships between individuals, communities, and institutions and in supporting grassroots program development.  Originally from Massachusetts, she lives in Barclay with her family.  Elizabeth manages the Southwest Partnership’s non-physical development projects and programs and supports the Education, Historic Preservation, Vibrant Streets, and Workforce Development Committees.

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Curtis Eaddy II, Marketing and Communications Director

Curtis joined the SWP in 2017 as the Events and Marketing Manager.  A Business Major and graduate from Frostburg State University he has been programming and marketing events for more than ten-years.  His passion for community development brought him to the Southwest Partnership to have an impact in the community he grew up in.  As the Marketing and Events Director, Curtis manages communications, branding for the SWP VisionPlan, SWP programs and events, and community activities.  A Baltitmore native and third-generational resident of Poppleton, he currently lives in Park Heights.

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Chris Bowling, Office Manager

Chris joined the SWP January 2020 and currently manages the day-to-day operations in the office.  He is the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director and supports all other staff members, including scheduling for Michael Seipp and other in-office meetings, clerical assistance for committees and board meetings, check requests/payment disbursement, and printing assistance for the office and neighborhood organizations.  Chris is a new homeowner in Baltimore City.

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Southwest Works

Rachel Goodrich LMSW, Workforce Development Program Manager

Rachel joined the SWP in 2016 as a cooperative employer under the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development program. As the Workforce Development Program Manager for the SWP she organizes and engages with local anchor institutions and employers as well as residents to service workforce demands for SW Baltimore. She has ten years of experience in for-profit, non-profit, and public service and draws on these experiences to provide Southwest job seekers with career guidance and works to connect community members to quality positions with local employers. Rachel currently resides in Pigtown with her husband and dog and they are working on renovating their future home in Union Square.

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West Baltimore Street Revitalization

Kiamani “Keith” Robinson, West Baltimore Street Manager

Keith joined the SWP in February 2020 as the West Baltimore Street Manager.  A Baltimore native and resident of Mount Clare for more than a decade, Keith has lived in several of SWP seven neighborhoods.  Keith brings his Carpentry and Project Management skills from his family business to the SWP as he leads organizing along the historic corridor.  As the Baltimore Street Manager he will manage resources and programs that directly impact development of businesses, working with all of the stakeholders along the corridor to execute special commercial projects.

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Community Schools

Community Schools Program Director

Felecia McCray

Felecia oversees the Community Schools program.  She manages Southwest Partnership’s work as a lead agency and supervises our three community school coordinators placed at Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School, Steuart Hill Academic Academy, and Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy. She also coordinates our efforts to support the implementation of the community school strategy at all of the community schools in the Southwest area by creating opportunities for local community school coordinators to collaborate, share information, and expand their collective impact.

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Southwest Partnership Community School Coordinators

Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary

Brenda Rodriguez

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Steuart Hill Academy

**Currently open

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Vivien T. Thomas High School

Kenah Lyons

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Board President, Kelleigh Eastman

Member Organiziation: President of Citizens of Pigtown

SWP Board Position: Pigtown Neighborhood Association Represntative / President

Contact Kelleigh

Vice President, Robert “JR” Lee

Member Organization: President of Hollins Roundhouse Association

SWP Board Position: Public Safety Committee Chair / Vice President

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Secretary, Scott Kashnow

Member Organization: Vice President of Franklin Square Association

SWP Board Position: Historic Presevation Committee Chair / Secretary

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Treasurer, George Kleb

Member Organization: Exec Dir. Housing and Community Development, Bon Secours Health Systems

SWP Board Position: Bon Secours Anchor Institution Representative / Treasurer

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Chair of Raising Funds, Jane Shaab

Member Organization: Executive Director of University of Maryland BioPark

SWP Board Position: University of Maryland Bio Park, Anchor Institution Representative / Fundraising Committee Chair

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Kris Hoellen

Member Organization: B&O Railroad Exec. Director

SWP Board Position: B&O Railroad Anchor Institution Representative

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Gregory Herlong

Member Organization: Wexford Science + Tech, Director of Development

SWP Board Position: Wexford Science + Tech Anchor Institution Representative

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Ashley Valis

Member Organization: UMB Director of Community Engagement

SWP Board Position: University of Maryland Baltimore Anchor Institution Representative

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Charles “Chuck” Callahan

Member Organization: UMMC, VP for Population Health

SWP Board Position: University of Maryland Medical Center Institution Representative

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Jane Buccheri

Member Organization: Hollins Roundhouse Association

SWP Board Position: Hollins Market Representative

Contact Jane B.

Sonia Eaddy

Member Organization: Poppleton NOW Association

SWP Board Position: Poppleton Representative

Contact Sonia

Edith Gilliard

Member Organization: Franklin Square Association

SWP Board Position: Franklin Square Representative

Contact Edith

Nancy McCormick

Member Organization: Mount Clare Community Council

SWP Board Position: Mount Clare Representative

Contact Nancy

Bill Marker

Member Organization: Barre Circle Association

SWP Board Position: Barre Circle Representative

Contact Bill

Donnell Nance

Member Organization: Union Square Association

SWP Board Position: Union Square Representative

Contact Donnell

Heather Kangas

Member Organization: Community Member

SWP Board Position: Housing Committee Chair

Contact Heather

Kenneth Watson

Member Organization: Community Member

SWP Board Position: Commercial Committee Chair

Contact Kenneth

Abigail Breiseth

Member Organization: Community Member

SWP Board Position: Education Committee Chair

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Richard Parker

Member Organization: Community Member

SWP Board Position: Workforce Committee Chair

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Dan Rodenburg

Member Organization: Community Member

SWP Board Position: Vibrant Streets Committee Chair

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