On behalf of the Southwest Partnership, we are beyond excited that the Community School model is now being implemented in all of our neighborhood schools in Southwest Baltimore!  A fundamental part of the Community School strategy is to gather input from community members on the needs of individuals and families that live in the neighborhood surrounding the school.

We need your feedback to enhance our newly implemented Community School Program.  This initiative is sponsored by the BCPS and will support the schools that are directly in your neighborhood.  The information you share will be used to ensure the resources and supports leveraged at the school are in line with what community members believe are most important.

Your participation in this survey is completely optional and your answers will remain private. Please be sure to include the name of the school in your neighborhood and the name of the neighborhood where you live. For your reference, a list of Community Schools that need your feedback is below.


Please take a moment to complete this survey! Click this link to submit your input:

Lastly, if you live in a neighborhood with multiple schools, please consider submitting an online form for each school in your neighborhood.

Schools & Neighborhoods

Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School – Pigtown

Excel Academy – Poppleton

Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School – Franklin Square

George Washington Elementary School – Barre Circle & Pigtown

Steuart Hill Academic Academy – Mt. Clare & Union Square

Southwest Baltimore Charter School – Pigtown

Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy – Franklin Square