Southwest Partnership

Small Neighborhood Grants

Award Announcements

Congratulations to the projects awarded a Southwest Partnership Small Neighborhood Grant during our Fall 2018 round!

More than $42,000 was awarded to neighborhood associations and community groups for projects that increase the vibrancy of public spaces, reduce blight, and improve quality of life for area residents.


Awarded projects included landscaping and vacant lot improvements, public art, the restoration of historic Franklin and Union Square Parks, facade improvements for homeowners, public lighting, and neighborhood signs.

Barre Circle

  • Barre Circle Community Association: $600 for the Ridgely’s Overlook Park Fence Painting project, to restore the appearance of the fencing of this green space which serves as an entry point to Barre Circle and the Southwest Partnership area.


Franklin Square

  • Franklin Square Community Association: $1505 for Facade Improvements for the 1300 block of W Saratoga St, to paint cornices and install solar lights along the 1300 block of W Saratoga St in order to improve the appearance and safety of the block.
  • Residents of the 1800 block of W Saratoga St and Southwest Garden Club: $2780 for the Kirby Lane Park project to continue improving the lot and transforming it into a vibrant community space through painting a mural, installing play equipment, and constructing a cookout area.
  • Franklin Square Community Association: $5000 for the Franklin Square Fountain Repair and Landscaping project which will restore Franklin Square park to its historic appearance by repairing and installing the historic fountain, repainting the park shed, and restoring the original landscaping.
  • Historic Preservation Committee: $2000 towards the Historic Neighborhood Sign project which will install a high quality historic sign in the Franklin Square neighborhood, with text from the neighborhood’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places, celebrating the history of the neighborhood.


Hollins Market

  • James McHenry Elementary/Middle School: $3500 for the James McHenry Lighting Project to install outdoor lighting on the James McHenry campus to increase visibility and safety for students, families, staff, and the community.
  • Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association: $5000 for the Hollins St SoWeBo Book Box Project for the construction and installation of a book box and landscaping of the lot along Hollins St in order to restore the lot into a vibrant community space and provide area residents with free access to books as well as a picnic and meeting spot.
  • Residents of Hollins Market: $5000 for the Green Space to Community Place project for the construction of a picnic set up, installation of a trash can, and landscaping at the Picnic Park at the corner of Lombard and Stockton streets to increase use of this community green space.


Mount Clare

  • Mount Clare Community Council: $5000 for the Mount Clare Neighborhood Signs to manufacture and install signs at key intersections in the Mount Clare Neighborhood to increase neighborhood pride and sense of place and replace an older, dilapidated sign.



  • Pigtown Food For Thought: $3000 for the Creating Community Space with Pigtown Food For Thought Project to install stone benches and a picnic table, as well as trash receptacles, and paint a shipping container used for a farm stand in the open space next to the Pigtown Food for Thought community garden in order to provide the amenities needed for the community to use and care for the space.


Union Square

  • Friends of Union Square Park: $5000 for the Restoration of the Union Square Urns to replace missing and repair damaged urns at the four entrance corners of the park to restore this community centerpiece to historic conditions.


The next round of funding will be announced in spring 2019

Eligible projects:

  • Are in one of the seven Southwest Partnership neighborhoods
  • Are planned by a neighborhood association, group of community members, school, or nonprofit organization
  • Are in public spaces
  • Make a positive, permanent change to the neighborhoods

For more information on how to apply visit:

email, or

call 667-210-2105 and ask for Elizabeth