Join us for a Journey Through Hollins; travel the centuries of development and resilience as this neighborhood strives for a better tomorrow!  The UMBC American Studies class, hosted at the Lions Brothers Building in the Southwest Partnership, led by Professor Dr. N. King, has a mixture of grad and undergrad students collaborating to complete research of the historical culture of Hollins Market and the Hollins Roundhouse neighborhood.

Take a Virtual Tour via Story Map created by UMBC students and enjoy some of Culinary Architecture‘s finest!  Meet the writers who tell the tales of what use to be, how it has changed, and what’s to come…!

Journey Through Hollins

2pm: Meet and mingle at the Lion Brothers Building + zine debut

2:30pm: Debut of StoryMap website  

3-4pm: Walking tour of Hollins Market led by Curtis Eaddy II of the Southwest Partnership

4pm: Open Mic @ Hollins Place Bar & Grill (1116 Hollins Street)