The Southwest Partnership neighborhoods are some of the oldest in the city and have some of the richest history! From H.L. Mencken to Edgar Allan Poe to the B&O Railroad, many of the things that make Baltimore, Baltimore, got their start right here! And the Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee works to preserve that history and use it to celebrate everything great about Southwest Baltimore!

But the history of the Southwest Partnership area goes much deeper than big names or inventions: the stories of people who have seen the neighborhoods in the past, remember how they used to  be (for good or bad), have long family histories, or more recent ones, who have been active and involved in their neighborhoods or have kept to themselves are just as–or even more– important to the overall story of the neighborhood.

Folks don’t alway realize that their stories and photographs are important or interesting. That’s why the Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee has started the Southwest Storytelling Project to collect stories and pictures about the neighborhood’s past, create a free and easily accessible archive of information, stories, and photographs, and use the archive to tell the diverse stories of the area and to raise the profile of the Southwest Partnership neighborhoods in the city and beyond.

We will be holding a series of events throughout the neighborhoods during which community members are invited to attend, share stories about specific topics related to the Southwest Partnership area’s past, and scan any photos or documents that they would like to preserve.

The first event will be Saturday, November 12th and we’ll be talking about church, school, and community–including what it was like to attend school or church in the Southwest Partnership neighborhoods, what community events were held in the past and what neighbors did together. Community residents are invited to attend, share and listen to stories, and bring photographs to share that they would like scanned and preserved online. For more information or to RSVP please call 667-210-2105 or email elizabeth@southwestpartnershipbaltimore.org

Southwest Storytelling Project: Church, School, and Community

Saturday, November 12th


St Luke’s Church 217 N. Carey St

Light refreshments will be provided