courtesy of the Pigtown Farmers Market on Facebook

Being a new resident in the SWP community, I’m always looking to for new food to try in the area. I love trying new things and checking out small businesses because, in my opinion, they serve the best quality. Living so close to Zella’s pizzeria and Mi Ranchitos can be painful for my wallet because I do appreciate Taco Tuesdays and a good meat lovers pizza. I try to stay away only because if I didn’t, I’d end up eating at these places every day!

Although I am fortunate to live so close to Hollins Market, I recently thought it’d be a good idea to check out other areas of the community to see what they have to offer. I heard great things about the Pigtown Farmers Market through Facebook and word of mouth.  The first time I went it was in mid-September, it was a beautiful day and it being outdoors helped the mood tremendously.

It was a wonderful experience as I had never been to a farmers market before. Everyone was extremely friendly and there were many things available for children as well, which was great to see. What was also great was the many food options that were provided. I was very excited to learn about the popular vendors around the area and local businesses. One of my all-time favorite local vendors was Ms. Genifer’s Veggie Rolls. She was selling them for $2, so it was easy to say yes. Her egg rolls were amazing it was hard to just eat one! I was very excited to go back to the market so that I can get more.

On the final day of the market for the season, it was sad to see this end but great to see how many people were passing through. I was especially excited to have some more egg rolls! Unfortunately, because Ms. Genifer takes care of many kids after-school and is involved in other activities she was only selling her homemade sauce, but even the sauce is super delicious! I admire her involvement in the community and her recipes. I’m glad that there are many ways to help the community thrive and that people are taking advantage of it, and I can’t wait to experience more yummy food!

Until next time,

Julie R., SWP Intern