The Southwest Partnership will soon be home to bike boulevards: neighborhood streets made safer for bicyclists through improvements such as roundabouts, speed humps with cutouts for bikes, and improved signage making drivers aware that bicyclists will be using the street. The boulevard network, along Hollins St. and connecting streets will not only make bicycling in the neighborhood easier but will also connect the Southwest Partnership neighborhoods to downtown.

We’re very excited about the increased opportunities for biking in the SWP neighborhoods–and to make sure that everyone will be biking safely and following traffic rules the Public Safety Committee held a bike rodeo!

Kids had a chance to practice on the course–weaving through cones, stopping, looking both ways, and walking the bike across the ‘street’, and learn about bicycle repair before the Bike Rodeo Race! Every biker who participated in the race won a free snowball, and thanks to Bikemore we were able to give out free helmets! A DJ, the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development Fun Van, and food specials from Mi Ranchito added to the fun.

Photo Credit: Trevor Holman Photography