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Littlepages is easily recognizable by the square blue Littlepages furniture sign that sits on top of the overhang. The Littlepages furniture store for generations has been the destination of newlyweds and others looking to set up their first house or looking to update or replace furniture. Often customers are 3rd or 4th generation because of their parents or grandparents fond memories of when the B&O Railroad shops at Mount Clare once employed hundreds of railroad workers which accounted for many of its customers. The family business, earned its reputation by providing good customer service, making clothes trees and hall seats.

Sarah Littlepage is optimistic with the new developments and coordination happening in Southwest Baltimore. The Union Square resident, whose family has been in the furniture store business since 1893 has a vested interest in seeing Southwest Baltimore return to its hay day. The Littlepages furniture store founded by her great grandfather and grandfather has seen ups and downs since Sarah has been the owner; Sarah has recognized the impact that the Southwest Partnership and other community organization are starting to have on the community. “It is an ongoing uphill battle” Littlepage said. “I believe the Southwest Partnership, the city and other invested groups are laying the foundation to see some positive change.”

If you’d like to visit and purchase some amazing and unique furniture please stop by the Littlepages furniture store located at 1317 West Baltimore Street. Shopping locally is a great way to strengthen the Southwest Partnership neighborhoods. Buying local is important because it enhances the circulation of money in the neighborhood. When local money circulates more quickly, the money passes through more hands and more people have had the benefit of the money and what it has purchased for them. That means more goes into supplies and upkeep, printing, advertising, paying employees which puts that money right back in the community.

For more information about Littlepages please call: 410-539-7540.