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Neighborhood residents and volunteers planting trees along W. Pratt St.

Clean, green, vibrant, and walkable streets and public spaces make an awesome neighborhood for residents, businesses, and visitors. The Southwest Partnership’s Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee works to make sure streets and public spaces are clean and green, safe for all modes of transportation, and beautiful spaces for our community members to travel and gather.

In 2016 the committee’s goal is to activate Carey St., the major north/south connector between Franklin Square and Pigtown, by making it greener, safer, and more vibrant.

In order to meet this goal they’ve been working on a number of projects including:

  • Installing a rain garden at Southwest Baltimore Charter School
  • Working with the B&O Railroad Museum to improve the appearance, visibility, and walkablity of the underpass under the Carey St. bridge
  • Tree plantings in Franklin Square and Pigtown

Although the committee is focusing on the Carey St. corridor this year, they are also working on a number of other cleaning and greening efforts and transportation projects as they are suggested by community members. They’ve been working with the city on the installation of bike infrastructures in the neighborhoods and supporting community members as they clean-up and adopt vacant lots.

If you’d like more information about how to work on a project or would like support on starting or continuing one please let us know!

The Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 7pm at 1138 Hollins St (2nd floor).

Chris Redwood, a resident of Hollins Roundhouse, is the Chair of the Committee.

The committee will host its first tree planting of the spring in Franklin Square on Saturday, June 11th from 9:30-11:30 am at Franklin Square Park.

If you’d like to get involved in greening, cleaning, or transportation projects in the area please contact Elizabeth at or call 667-210-2105.