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Boundaries and map

Mount Clare is located in the southwest of the Southwest Partnership area. Its boundaries are Carey St to the east, Carroll Park to the south, Fulton Ave to the west, and Pratt St to the north.

Brief Neighborhood History and Description

The rowhomes in Mount Clare were originally built during the early-mid nineteenth century to house workers in the nearby Mount Clare shops who were building, supporting, and working in the rapidly growing industry of the first commercial rail in America. Mount Clare has historically been a working class immigrant community and historically had a large proportion of German families living in the neighborhood. Today Mount Clare is home to a number of families from Latin America and has a growing population.

Sites of Interest

Mount Clare Museum House

Sharing the name of the neighborhood, the Mount Clare Museum House is directly to the south in Caroll Park. The former home of Charles Carroll, Barrister, a noted Maryland Patriot during the Revolutionary War the Museum House offers a glimpse into the past and a wide array of family artifacts.

Traci Atkins Park

Located in the eastern half of Mount Clare, Traci Atkins Park is an important neighborhood feature, providing green space, a playground and fun to children and families in the community.

Clay Pots

Founded in 2000 to provide a safe, welcoming space in the community, Clay Pots located at 1635 W Pratt St offers GED classes, art and cultural programming, Community Wellness Workshops, and coffeehouse every Thursday night and Friday and Saturday morning when the center is opened and members of the community can come in to relax, chat, read, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Mount Clare Community Council meets the fourth Monday of the month at 6pm at the Wilkens Ave Mennonite Church, 1616 Wilkens Ave.