June 2017 Commercial Development Minutes

SWP Commercial Committee notes

June 27, 2017

  • Vitreon updates – they will be moving to the Wicomico building, and expanding campus from there.
  • New Your Chicken – Agreed to support vote to not support extended hour request for now.  NY Chicken, if they operate more in line with community interests, would be welcome to ask again later, but for now the answer is no.  Vote was made to support the neighborhood decision to support No extended hours. Most of this discussion was held by Bif with the general group
  • There are 4 things developers named as being things that would help convince them to invest in Baltimore street area:
    • Weed & Seed (Mike – we really need to get Baltimore street cleaner
    • Own Big Buildings
    • Take over Vacant
    • Better street scape and parking available
    • Also of note – need more detail than vision plan
  • Brent will be working to  create a database on businesses
  • Brent will be working to create a database on Vacants
  • A big portion of the July and August meetings will be dedicated to discussion and working groups on the processes and decisions surrounding spending of any state grant money received
  • Special tasks the Commercial committee should work: (Looking for volunteers to support)
    • Block analysis: U&O and resident  & commercial assessments
    • International Village Idea – further this development
    • Parking needs – parking is essential to commerce
  • Discussion of ideas of how do we increase engagement?  – no answers really provided, just that we should do “something”.  Ideally it was stated that communities need to send their representatives to engage and the chaired meetings each month.
  • Funding updates – Acquisition fund of 500K is lieast likely to get, Pigtown vacants was well received.
  • Items of interest:
    • Free mulch is available
    • Bon Secours clean and green – Taleib Horne? 410-20708789


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