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Southwest Storytelling Project: Church, School, and Community
Saturday, November 12 1-3pm
St Luke’s Church, 217 N. Carey St
Do you have great stories about Southwest Baltimore? What was worshiping in the neighborhood like? What memories do you have of school? Who were your neighbors?
Do you have photos of Southwest Baltimore from the past that you’d like to share or preserve?
The Southwest Partnership Historic Preservation Committee is creating a library of stories, photos, and documents about Southwest Baltimore, and we need your help! We want to learn about the history of the neighborhood so we can share it with the future and celebrate everything that made Southwest Baltimore great in the past–and makes it great today!
On Saturday, November 12th from 1-3pm we will be scanning photographs to make them easier to share online and email, and recording stories and conversations about what the neighborhood was like in the past.
Light refreshments will be served. If you’re interested in attending or would like more information please call 667-210-2105 or email elizabeth@southwestpartnershipbaltimore.org 

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