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“Every King needs his Queen in the life’s journey…”  Inspiring change and intellectual stimulation in the youth and adults throughout Southwest Baltimore, Quiet Time Inspirations is continuing to challenge the status quo by hosting master’s of the game of Chess, staged, to play for a CASH PRIZE!   The 3rd Annual Knights Pawn Amateur Chess Tournament is back, Saturday June 16, 2018.  We anticipate displays of positive creativity and flashes of brilliance from young and old minds alike.  Though only three destined winners will take home a prize, we expect to see inter-generational bonding over the challenge of a chess board!

Last year’s event was a great success, with 63 registered participants ranging in age of 6 to 70. A ten year old shared in the winnings. The tournament which took place on Saturday, June 17, 2017 began at noon and continued until 5pm. The event was covered by local media and this year we are planning to have radio and media coverage as well. We are excited about the energy building around this event in our 3 rd year, and looking forward to meeting our next champion!

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