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The Housing Committee works to reduce the number and effect of vacant homes in the Southwest Partnership area and attract new residents while ensuring that current residents can remain in the area in safe, quality, affordable housing.

The Housing Committee meets the second Thursday of the month at 7pm the UMB Community Engagement Center (1 N. Poppleton St). Information about past meetings can be found here.

Chair: Diana Geis

Contact: housing@swpbal.org


  1. A developer identified and funding in place for developments of vacant housing in Franklin Square and Mount Clare
  2. Focus areas for housing development identified in Pigtown and Hollins Roundhouse
  3. A Tenant’s Rights Booklet Developed and Distributed


Recap our 2018 Spring Housing Fair

This past Spring 2018, University of Maryland Baltimore hosted their first collaborative Housing Fair on March 23rd including attractions for all potential home-buyers. The housing fair showcased 90 newly renovated homes, connecting attendees interested in living within Southwest Baltimore to new homes and neighborhoods. At the housing fair attendees had the opportunity to network with community realtors and developers, watch a video presentation on the historic area, tour Southwest Baltimore on a comfy shuttle bus, and visit potential homes during public open houses.

We are looking to host another Housing Fair, before the end of the 2018 Fall Season, with our anchor-partners UMB, UM BioPark, and UMMC! Stay tuned for the date, as we continue to bridge communities and strengthen our neighborhoods!  Read the entire News Story – UMB Employee Receive $18.5K recipients of the UMB LNYW incentive.